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Father’s day just passed and I was left wondering whether there should be a Wives’ Day or Sister’s/Brother’s Day? Although I’m sure if they did exist they would probably be grouped together with birthdays and anniversaries in the highly-likely-to-be-forgotten-category in my mind (so not nice Gibel).

So to make up for such unintentional misdeeds (past,present or future) today is Wife Appreciation Day; which surprisingly just happens to coincide with Sister Appreciation Day. Who would have thought, 2 in 1. Ohh gosh!

And today I would like to appreciate my wife for doing awesome center pieces for her sister’s pre-wedding function. And my sister for doing spectacular make-up upon the aforementioned sister-in-law. And to my aforementioned sister-in-law, thank you for letting me capture those butterflied-belly moments.

Love you all.

(Including those not mentioned in this post)


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