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Everyone we talked to about visiting Jo’burg mentioned how insecure it is, how you shouldn’t walk around alone (let alone with a camera) and how we should wrap up our suitcases cause there have been a few incidents of items missing at the airport. It wasn’t a surprise when one of the first things the local driver pointed out to us was the city centre in the horizon and kindly told us “Do not go there”.

So heeding all the advice given we only decided to stay for one day and most of that was spent around the Sandton City area. Which was a lot of fun for me cause I like shopping and the mall there is kinda awesome. Knowing that we would be there for a day only I decided to take a few snap shots on the way to the hotel plus a few of the Nelson Mandela Square and The Michelangelo Hotel.

One thing that stood out to me were the township houses in Alexandra that are government built and facilitated with solar water heaters. I thought that is the way it should be in all the slum areas in other African cities.

Here is my view of Jo’burg whizzing by as we were driving (a lot of road signs). Next time I think I’ll stay a bit longer, am sure there is much more to see.

Enjoy 🙂

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