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One of my wife’s goals for before her 30th birthday was go for a play. There are a number of theatres (or is it Play Houses) here in Nairobi but the main one being The Kenya National Theatre. Which for the longest time I thought was named National Youth Theatre for some reason.

We both had been to plays there but way way back while in primary school. I saw the ad for this play in the daily paper and I was intrigued by it for two reason. First, it’s a comedy (and who doesn’t like a good comedy?) and I really wanted to see how a comedy play is done in Kenya. And second, it was in one of the local dialects Kikuyu (which both of us understand but can hardly speak it). And from all the storytelling I have heard in Kikuyu, I knew this will be hilarious.

I have to admit this was a spectacular performance from the group and I would recommend everyone to go watch it (when they do it again). If you have never considered going to a play, do it. It is such a great experience and you will definitely walk away inspired. So let’s support our local talents and bring back the Theatre Culture.

Enjoy 🙂

While in London (some years past) I had the chance to go for a musical Les MiserablesAlthough I was reluctant about going to a musical I was completely blown away. You actually get pulled in to the story so much that you feel like it’s real (cause it’s actually happening right in front of you). The best part for me was the stage set-ups and how quickly they did them between scenes. Wish we could build our local theatre to this standard.