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This past Saturday we went for a walk at Karura Forest. Who knew ten kilometres was that far?

While the feet may have been complaining, the eyes were taking in the amazing scenery, the nose was smelling the fresh air.

By the time we got to the Waterfall, the legs were on fire! But this post is not about our unfitness, but rather, the view from our lens.

This was the point where my mother told us that apparently during the previous era in Kenya, people were brought to this waterfall to be tortured since no one could hear their screams! Thanks mum for that history lesson.

Amazing, right? I can’t wait for the photoshoot slated to happen here soon!

When I think of the word “picturesque” this is what comes to mind.

Kenya has such fantastic areas and I am glad that the Government reclaimed this place and now, we get to enjoy a piece of it.