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I do not know how to get to Blue Post Hotel. But that is not the point of this post. When I was a girl guide in primary school, we went for a trip to Thompson Falls and I fell into the falls.
These are not the Thompson falls, these are the fourteen falls.

In one word: Exquisite!

Babes went for a photo exploring adventure to Thika and came back with these…… I am in awe and if I could post over twenty pictures, you would see the beauty of this country of ours. Some of which we know about but never go to see.

Kuria asked me if this picture looked better in black and white or in colour, I had to go with black and white. Makes the movement seem more. 

When I first saw this picture, it reminded me of Pan’s Labyrinth. And if you have watched that movie you know exactly what I speak of.