It’s All in the Details

November 6, 2015 Product Photography, Wedding Photography

Today’s post is more of a technical one and it’s a comparison of two ring shots taking during a wedding with two very different lens. The detail shots from weddings usually consist of the wedding rings/bands, jewelry, wedding dress, grooms shoes and just about any other item or object the couple took time to make sure are present on their wedding day.

For the ring shot, most photographers lean more towards using a macro lens to capture the details on the rings and with the magnification that a macro lens provides it is easy to fill the image with a very “detailed” close up of the rings. The alternative is to use a lens with a fast aperture and a wider angle of view to bring in more of the background in to the picture rather than just the rings.

Here are two images for your comparison, please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

First is a ring shot taken with a 100mm macro at aperture f/8 and exposure 1/100 sec:

Canon Macro Ring Shot

The second pic was taken with a 28mm – 75mm f/2.8 lens at aperture f/4 and exposure 1/200 sec:

Tamron Ring Shot

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