The Emakoko Lodge

September 5, 2012 Landscapes, travel photography

The Emakoko Lodge is located at the Nairobi National Park along the Mbagathi River. Actually it is over the boundary boarder of the park but you have to access it through the park.

They have been open for several months and this place has a lot of potential. It’s a 35 min drive from the city but you actually feel like you in the middle on nowhere.

I would highly recommend it for someone looking for peace and quiet away from this busy Nairobi City.

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  1. Beautiful place. Love the tub! I like how you have the picture in the frame with the water all around it and then the other picture of the same place right below it-
    My only concern would be the lack of shade by the pool…great for a tan, not so great for those of us who don’t really need a tan. 🙂
    Great pictures. One more place to add to my places to visit when I come home next.

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