Kerio View Hotel

April 20, 2012 Food Photography, travel photography

How much do we love this place?

We cannot even count the ways.

It is where we got engaged. And we love to go back.

And the food is all kinds of awesome.

If you are ever in the Iten region, make sure to stop by.

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    1. LOL… First, I am shocked you have never been. For real?? Yes it is quite that lush! Next time you are in Eldy please go!

  1. From what I’ve heard from you and others, a great place that I need to check out for sure. However, their website does not inspire confidence at all! They really need to do something about it and the images they have used the place!

  2. It looks really nice. When i read on your wedding blog about the proposal, I visited their website which does not inspire confidence at all as Eric says but your photos.. WOW! is an understatement. Enjoy yourselves, dear Babeses!

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