Nairobi National Museum

February 24, 2012 Personal

There was a room full of stuffed birds. It is quite dark and scary. They should consider filming a scary movie there! This was the first room we went to when we toured the museum. When we reached the Eagles and Falcons, I closed my eyes. Yes, I am certified wimp and this is why I do not watch horrors.

However, the room full of stuffed mammals was not too rough. Ofcourse I gave maximum props to the person who stuffed the humongous elephant, which I may or may not post.

This Bat was a favourite for the hubs so he took it from various angles.

Seriously, the taxidermist needs some serious props, yes?

By the way, at Gibel Photography, we embrace the grain.

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    1. Wa Makeri, you are really funny :-).

      As I commented earlier, used to got there a lot when younger and I used to get really scared when we viewed the model of ancient man with his family, i do not remember if it was homo habilis or cromagnon?? I would get serious nightmares later but would still insist to view it each time we went.

      1. You need to go there again especially now. You see the museum in a whole new light!!! Especially the History of Kenya exhibit! Entrance is only Kshs 100

      2. Hehehe! Thanks Girl!

        The innocence of youth, huh? We also went to the museum a lot when we were growing up, and I think I loved ancient man! Actually, whenever I saw any of those names of evolving man in history books, my memory always went back to those days.

        Snake park too, but now snakes give me the heebie jeebies. Strange.

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